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Textile & Decore from Silk Road. All handmade in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is a small, mountainous country in the heart. It is the most beautiful part of Central Asia. The folds of the Tyan-Shan Mountains that occupy almost 90% of Kyrgyzstan’s land create a wide variety of climatic zones and spectacular scenery; from never-melting snow and glaciers on the top, to lavish green pastures and bright blue lakes in the middle, and the valleys at the bottom rich in fruit and vegetables. For many centuries, since Kyrgyz people migrated to this area from the banks of Enisei River in Southern Siberia (Mokrynin and Ploskih, 1995) their life was indissolubly connected to these beautiful mountains. Kyrgyz people always were, and to some degree still remain, pastoral nomads. They moved from pasture to pasture in the mountains with the herds of their horses and sheep. Here, in the wild — far away from the noisy cities of Central Asia — the life of Kyrgyz nomads was completely dependent on nature and the mountains. Their lifestyle, culture and arts were shaped by the powerful natural forces of Tyan-Shan. The natural forms, such as skies, mountains, pastures, rivers, trees and animals, became the main motifs in the ornamental decoration of Kyrgyz dwellings, their clothes, arms, jewelry and objects of everyday use. The mountainous scenery played a major role in the formation of the composition and colour schemes of their ornamental patterns. A simple, yet beautiful, life in this amazing habitat found its reflection in the creation of a unique Kyrgyz style of decoration, defined by their plain, yet picturesque ornaments in vivid natural colours.


The craftsmanship of jewelry will never die

as long as there is at least one woman

in the world…